Information Technology

Our Technology Department works to ensure that students and educators have access to the equipment and electronic devices necessary to enrich the educational experience. We’re here to serve the needs of the teachers, staff, and students at Palominas District schools.

Our Technology Mission

Through partnerships with teachers, parents, and students, the Palominas Elementary School District will provide both resources and training to support student driven, differentiated, and technology-enhanced learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

About Technology in Our District

At the Palominas District, we have a vision to effectively integrate educational technology in order to provide a rich, student-centered, 21st century learning environment. Find out how we do it here.


In the fall of 2020 we upgraded our network connections with additional funding made available due to COVID-19 and the need to have students attend school online from their homes. Besides increasing the connections from our two campuses to the district office, we also bumped the connection to Tucson. Additionally we provided hot-spots for remote students who have limited or no internet access from their residences to assure their academic participation was not impacted.


For almost a decade, Palominas District has utilized Chromebooks as the default platform for students and faculty assuring a cost effective and sustainable computing environment. As of the fall of 2020, we have reached a 1:1 assignment whereby each student has a dedicated system.

Google Apps

Also for the last decade, we have made use of Google’s G-Suite for Education allowing students to work with the same tools in school that they likely will find in the workplace once they start their careers. Assignments might include working with docs, sheets, slides, attending interactive classes with faculty via Meet, and lastly turning in their work or chatting with their teacher with Classroom. As these products are all “Cloud” based, they can access when attending school from home or catching up on work when sick.

Other Tech Tools

Besides having the Chromebooks in every classroom for students, the teachers have a few additional tools:

  • In most all rooms we have smart boards which are like 65”–75” TVs that are touch-screens and can act like a traditional whiteboard in the classroom. These can have the Chromebooks connected and/or a document camera whereby the faculty can present the teaching materials.
  • As we needed to move online during COVID-19, the district also made available dedicated curriculum content which can also be used on campus in the classroom.
  • We continue to offer parents/guardians and students access to grades and other information via ParentVue and StudentVue respectively.