Exceptional Student Services

Welcome to Palominas District’s Exceptional Student Services department (ESS). ESS provides specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities at no cost to parents

Free Screenings

Palominas ESS provides free screenings and/or diagnostic evaluations to help determine eligibility for special education services. Please call Call (520) 366.6204 x 3 for a screening appointment.

Special Needs Preschool

Children with special needs benefit from early intervention; however, many of Arizona’s preschool children with special needs do not receive services because we don’t know who they are. Suspected delays may be evidenced in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Cognition
  • Behavior
  • Physical, auditory, visual, and/or sensory development

If you are a parent of a preschool child with a suspected developmental delay, please contact the Palominas School District's Special Needs Preschool for screening. Call (520) 366.6204 x 3 for a screening appointment.

The ESS Program

Our Exceptional Student Services program includes the following:

  • Preschool
  • Push-In/Pull-Out services
  • Functional skills
  • GATE (Gifted and Talented)
  • Occupational therapy and physical therapy
  • Speech